Kruger Park from Pafuri to Numbi

By Marc & Vivienne
Blog Series - Africa Trip 2016
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Drove into the Pafuri gate the next morning and made our way down to the Letaba camp site near the middle of the park. We had no booking and the camp was fully booked according to the internet site and the gate officials but we decided to arrive and ask anyhow. Turns out they could give us a space and we enjoyed what was to be our last “summer temperature” evening.

We had really good sightings of numerous elephant herds and giraffe families, as well as buffalo, zebra and many buck. Also spotted lion and leopard, but from a distance.  The central area of the park is extremely dry and many animals have migrated north.

One thought on “Kruger Park from Pafuri to Numbi

  • Jen Waspe 31, Jul, 2016 at 8:10 am

    I have loved following your journey. Sounds like an amazing experience.

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