By Marc & Vivienne
Blog Series - Africa Trip 2016
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Woke up and headed off for Lilongwe the next morning. We drove up the mountain pass on the only national road to the capital when we came across 2 trucks that had connected on a sharp bend, on a steep incline! Needless to say, no vehicle was getting past them anytime soon, as they were going to be there for a while…Additional  trucks were already backing up on both sides and we quickly made out way back down before we were  hemmed in for the  day!

The only other route was straight over the mountain along a trail for 70 km before connecting back onto the main road…so off we went.  It is not like we had not done this before on the trip….It was very steep and rocky, but once again we were very grateful for our car’s ability to handle what came it’s way. When we reached the top of the mountain plateau, we were pleasantly surprised to find massive road works and the road scraped clean and level, for the rest of the 70 km.

We arrived at Michael and Igna (family of good friends), who we had not met before, but who  extended excellent hospitality to us, although still renovating their home. They also have a heart to see His kingdom extended in Africa. We had good fellowship and also attended the church service at Africa Bible College, where they work, with them.