1. Left Stellenbosch
  2. Family Stopover
  3. Leaving SA
  4. Lets give them hope
  5. Kariba
  6. Mana Pools
  7. Zambezi
  8. Lusaka
  9. Luanshya Ministries
  10. Shiwa Ngandu & Kapishya Hot Springs
  11. FCE Kalungu
  12. Utengule Coffee Lodge
  13. Baobab Forest
  14. Celebrating 30 years of life & love together
  15. Dar es Salaam
  16. Irente Farm
  17. Arusha
  18. Ngorongoro Crater
  19. Serengeti
  20. Lake Victoria
  21. Limuru NetACT Conference (Theology & Community Development)
  22. Nairobi Conference Israel our Roots
  23. AA Lodge Amboseli
  24. Meserani Oasis
  25. Old Farmhouse Kisolanza
  26. Lake Malawi
  27. Lilongwe
  28. South Luangwa Park
  29. Lusaka
  30. Back with a BANG!
  31. Kruger Park from Pafuri to Numbi
  32. White River – Phakamani
  33. Gariep Dam
  34. Home sweet home

Camped outside Lusaka at Eureka Camp site with Toy and Michael for a last evening together. We headed north the next day towards Luanshya while they spent the day working with farmers in the area who are investigating the possibilities of planting various fruit tree varieties, before they headed back home to SA.

Spent the following morning visiting with Dominic and Margaret Phiri, outside Lusaka. They pioneered very challenging work with orphan care under Hands at Work in the DRC in previous years and now work with YWAM doing mainly peer education, as HIV is still a major challenge in Zambia with unacceptable high levels of infections.

Zambia is showing signs of much developmnet especially around Lusaka area with new malls popping up all over. Mainly SA shops supplying same goods as found in SA at very similar prices.It is sad to hear about ongoing corruption and some are hopeful that the next elections might bring about some changes. When chatting with local Zambians about the evidence of self enrichment of the present President they just smile and say, “but he is the president”, implying that it is the way it should be. When we ask about the inordinate amount of giant billboards with his face on at every major inersection in the country, they reply that some people might be paying for them as a favour to him…and that is also perfectly fine in their eyes.

There are reports of escalating violence between the government forces and opposition supporters in the pre-election campaigns. When we ask about the details of the violence they speak about hitting each other with sticks! The people are generally peace loving and have never been involved in any internal conflicts, although there are 72 different ethnic groups wth 9 main tribes, making up 90% of the population.

We did however experience a number of attempts to blatently bribe us. Traffic and border officials being particularly guilty. We just smile and exercise extreme patience until they give up on us and decide to rather look for the next victim.

Zambia is an amazing country with the potential to prosper and to experience good economic growth once again.

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