Shiwa Ngandu & Kapishya Hot Springs

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We  drove past Shiwa houese and arrived at the hotsprings at Kapisha about 20 km further down the road. It is a very beautiful estate and property.

We camped next to the river into which the hot springs as flow. What a treat to find hot water bubbling out of the ground and it all kept in its natural state! We made full use of the spring and sat/floated in the water at least 3 times a day. (It turned out to be a good place to meet other campers). First people we met were from Stellenbosch as well….a young couple, of which the husband resembled my brother, Philip, and it tuned out his name was Philip!

We also met Ursula, the German Consul to Zambia and Harald her husband, who were camping next door to us. They are a great couple and we immediately related well to them. We are hoping to stay in touch with them, as they are planning to visit SA soon as well.

They gave us some good advice about how to help our Zimbabwean friends, Liz and Weston, fund the solar panels and pump they need, through the Zimbabwean German Embassy.

We visited Shiwa house the following Monday moning.  Jo, the wife of Charles Harvey, the grandson of the original builder and owner of the estate, Sir Gordan Stewart-Brown, showed us around and answered our questions regarding the history of Shiwa Estate.
Five different church groups also meet at various times in the chapel which adjoins the main house.

It is an interesting story as the home is almost 100 years old and quite a job to maintain. They run a massive farming operation with many head of cattle, sheep, goats and chicken. They also grow maize and wheat (non GMO!!) crops. I was given home made marmelade, made from the original citrus trees planeted by Sir Gordan as well as fresh cows milk from the dairy (non pasturised!).

We visited the old hospital which now operates as a clinic. It serves the community on the estate and the wider area as well (about 11 000 people). They do basic basic health care such as malaria, TB tests and treatment and delivering of babies etc. The plan is to convert it back into a fully functional hospital serving the other clinics in the area.

They have established an NGO which is not functioning at present. There are a number of govt. run schools on the estate which are not running well at all. We would potentially be open to play a role in these community iniatives if it is a door God opens for us.

Kapishya Hot Springs

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Shiwa Ngandu

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  1. So great to be able to follow your trip and get all the news. Blessings… The Fitts xxx

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    Can see you are having a blessed time.. can’t wait for the book :-))
    Enjoy xx


  3. Hey guys!

    I have come to the party late (having only yesterday received your blog address), but now I am all caught up on the news.

    The trip looks great and SHIWA NGANDU photos especially breathtaking for me.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers and I will pray for your great blessing and safety as you travel this amazing, beautiful, inconsistent continent.

    Marc, the steak is on me when you return!

    Love you.

    1. Thanks, we only got the blog up a few days ago – we will be back in August – I look forward to spending some time together again (over a steak of course…)

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