By Marc & Vivienne
Blog Series - Africa Trip 2016
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Very blessed to have spent 2 nights at Michael’s cousin’s place on banks of Lake Kariba.  Michael enjoyed taking us out on the lake in the boat even though he did not catch us any fish for supper…but bought bream from a local fisherman which was delicious! Sad to see the decline in Zimbabwe and the lack of development of the potential of this beautiful country!!  The people are really “moedeloos” and presently  compete with Congo for the position of the poorest country in the world.   With the real threat of a currency change imminent, the prospects are not looking good either.

One thought on “Kariba

  • Michael Oosthuizen 20, Jun, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Great pics and great memories guys. We are glad to be part of the memories!!!

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