Nairobi Conference Israel our Roots

By Marc & Vivienne
Blog Series - Africa Trip 2016
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On Tuesday afternoon  we drove into Nairobi to meet up with Myron Philips from CT and Bishop Mulinge, who was hosting us, before attending the dinner meeting with the PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, arranged by Kenyan Friends of Israel.  Security was very tight and many of the roads were closed off. While waiting for the meeting to start, we  met a number of really lovely people. The most ardent lovers of Israel in Kenya were all there!  The event itself was good with various initiatives between Israel and Kenya being announced. Unfortunately Bibi had to leave after he addressed the meeting to continue with various meetings he had not concluded in the afternoon and did not stay for the dinner itself.

On Thursday morning Myron Philips and myself addressed a  pastors breakfast attended by about 70 pastors from Kenya.  It went very well and I was encouraged by their good response and feedback.

On Friday afternoon we moved into a hotel in Nairobi near the church which was hosting us. I had agreed (crazily) to talk at a 10pm church meeting which would end at 1am in the morning! While having a late supper in the hotel restaurant, a lady stole my handbag off the chair I was sitting on, while I was sitting on it! Something that they are apparently doing at the moment in the city… the hotel is insured and we hope that they will refund the value concerned. Fortunately no passports were in my bag and also not too much cash – but my phone and  diary were … with much of my contact information, so please email me your cell and/or landline details.

The next morning we drove 2 hours to a village where  Apostle Bishop Dr… yes, really! ( I can’t remember his name) had a big meeting arranged where I spoke.  I was blessed to receive our first offering for the newly launched organisation Am Israel Chai.

Our last meeting was Sunday morning at the main church service before we could finally relax. We met wonderful people who have crept into our hearts.We hope to back soon, as I have been invited to return and speak again.